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Rita – Minor accident with major consequences.

Rita always likes to studying outdoors sitting down on a bench. Fresh air does miracles. And she drinks her favorite brand of tea. Suddenly she feels pressure in her bladder. She is very shy and doesn’t pee outdoors very often but nobody seems to be around so she decides to relieve herself behind the nearest tree. As she is constantly looking around she doesn’t notice she did not pull down her pants enough and she pees in them. Watch this video to see more.

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A Wasted Student – Violeta.

Violeta very drunk after all-night party. She decides to phone her boyfriend but nobody answers the phone. She pulls up her skirt to pee and shouts “hello” but in the same time already starts peeing her panties. Then she collapses on her knees and keeps peeing into her panties. She almost falls asleep when her boyfriend finally calls her back…
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A Wasted Girl Peed Herself – Eileen.

Young Eileen totally drunk after partying the whole night. Her goal is to get home as quickly as possible through the park, but finally she ends up at one of the tall trees where she tries to take off her jeans. She fails and pees her jeans. Finally this drunk girl falls down on the grass and falls asleep  – in her wet jeans.
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Vanessa and Annoying colleague. 1080p.

Vanessa drinking her coffee ( she had already five of them) and decides to pee. But she forgot that the toilet has been clogged. Vanessa decided peeing into the  kitchen sink but suddenly her colleague just returned from his business trip. Working day was over so she leaves the office but at the bus stop simply can’t hold it anymore and wets herself.
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