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Rebekah need to pee. Needapee.com

Rebekah – Train Wait Wetting Dilemma

Already running late for an appointment,Rebekah’s day went from bad to worse. She arrived at the train station busting. British trains are notoriously late and so in painful desperation she pissed herself before tossing my soiled panties to the side and leaving them on the platform!

Rebekah – Newspaper Pee

So here is a 15 min desperation video in which Rebekah desperately wraith around on her crouch. then take a piss on boring newspaper before getting herself off to finish
Rebekah – Harbour Side Pee

Here is a naughty public pee for you and a new and original location. Rebekah  need of a pee whilst strolling through the marina of a well known town. There are people nearby working on their boats and traffic can be heard passing by. Will she get caught?

Rebekah – Desert Pee

Here is a video from  adventure in America. Reb driving through the desert and she is in trouble as their are no bathrooms! She have no choice but to pee by the roadside as cars whizz past and as a railroad train thunders past which really fuels the excitement
Rebekah – Freeway Pee

On this leg of my journey Rebekah was journeying from Vegas to LA and as much as she love free and open roads of the US there just are not enough service stations and public conveniences! well that is good news for you guys as you get to see her pee by the side of a freeway!
Rebekah – Alley Desperation Wetting

Rebekah on her way to the shops when she feels need to pee. feeling distressed she head into an alley but it is too late and she pee herelf before she can find a safe place to pee. Wet through she head for a park bench where upon she remove her soaked nylons.

File format: .wmv (Windows Media)
Duration: Different ~ 3 min (one 15min)
Video: 720 x 576 (5:4) ; 25.000 fps ; 1 372 Kbps
Audio: English (GB) ; 2 channels ; 128 Kbps

Compilation 6 videos

Rebekah1.rar    Download file – 385.4 MB
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Sunday, November 16th, 2014 Holding, Desperation, Outdoor piss, Wetting panties

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November 28, 2015

Can you reploud this file please?

March 2, 2016

can you please re-upload this? thank you

July 5, 2018

Needs another upload link is dead.

June 7, 2020

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